Bosco & Savio hostel is part of Don Bosco Varadarajanpet Institute. We accommodate poor and deserving boys from faraway places to stay and study in Don Bosco higher secondary school. The aim of the hostel is to educate the students who come from economically poor background, and train them with different skills to excel in life with flying colors.


Don Bosco Varadhai stimulates awareness and appreciation towards Life amongst the young minds and teachers by enlightening them and bringing enrichment in their life and helping them to grow towards their economic vitality.


Our main goal is to provide good education, food and accommodation to the students from faraway places. We work hard to achieve good results for all especially poor students. Being the Salesian institute we do impart Religious values through prayer moments and Social values through good night thoughts. Boys those who study in our institute find ways and means to appreciate life and be grateful to life experiences. We do find out the individual talents and help them to develop it and shine with it in life. The students learn to use the mass media in a right way and to voice out when something is odd.


We give special attention to their faith aspect, thus we strengthen their faith in God and need for prayer, by organizing regular prayers. Although the boys are from Non Catholic background they learn prayers and pray well devoutly. We start the day and end the day with prayers. To appreciate Don Bosco and his Pedagogy we give regular good night talks, Marian devotion, Marian month, Don Bosco month, etc. To create a spirit of prayer in the boys we celebrate the various feasts to instil in them the faith element. Hostel boys also take part in the various prayer moments on special occasions.


Our goal is to make them intellectually sound, so reading habits are encouraged by providing good magazines and news papers in the hostel. Regular display of educational articles in the Notice boards helps them to learn more. Boys develop writing skills through competitions like Essay, Poem, Skit, and Elocution. Some boys exhibited their talents, took part in the competitions conducted from the school and even got prizes. Everyday reading practices is given to improve their reading skills and memory skills. Slip tests are conducted during weekends to create interests in their studies. Some of the Hostel boys have scored first rank in the school. Once in a month boys are awarded with some special gifts to motivate them. Slow learners are given special attention and taught English grammar, maths and mind map reading by our sub-wardens. Regular follow up of the students are done through frequent communication with subject and class teachers.


We not only focus on their education but teach to become aware of the present Social Situation. We encourage volunteers from the students to maintain their common places and common rooms clean and tidy. We encourage interested students to do kitchen, vegetable gardening and flower gardening. We cultivate vegetables from our garden and use it for daily cooking. Flowers are used to decorate the hostel. Thus we teach them indirectly to be productive always. We form cultural groups in the hostel to promote folklore like parai, oyil, kolattam, silambattan etc. Boys have exhibited their skills by putting up some shows in the school and other areas. We bring awareness through cultural activities like, dance, mime, skit etc.


The aim of Physical education is to make them physically strong. We teach (on Sundays) the boys on personal health, cleanliness and proper healthy habits which can make them smart in the society. We help the boys to know the rules and regulations of the different games and give special coaching, regular Physical exercises and warm up in the evening which will help them to be strong. Boys those who are interested in sports events are given special permission for coaching and they too have won some medals from matches that are conducted in district level. Some years the overall championship was won by our hostel boys. Every day games are allotted for the students to learn and stay physically fit. Arrangements and facilities are given for the boys, keeping their personal hygiene in mind. Manual work for volunteers and interested students on Saturdays and Sundays are organized. Coaching and matches are conducted on a regular basis.


The aim of this education is to provide the parents and students the needed psychological helps with the help of psychologists. Psychological awareness is created among the students through seminars and talks. Counselling and Guidance are given to the boys who are in need on regular basis in the school. The warden/sub warden meets the students individually once in three months in order to disclose oneself. All these helps are given to them to make them mature and good citizens of this country.


This education creates the need for green environment, appreciation and concern for nature, makes them aware of the need to live in harmony with the nature (eco-¬friendly). Boys do flower gardening and kitchen gardening as part of this education. Recycling of the kitchen water to cultivate vegetables and fruits for the students is done here. They are also taught to produce natural fertilizer and insecticide. We also bring awareness to ban use of plastic among the students.

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