Coming together

Coming together and sharing our experiences is one of the best ways to know each other. We as DBYC members come together every day evening after the games to care and share. We feel that, this Salesian house becomes a home for us.

Sunday gathering as a Group.

Sunday Oratory is best moment to come as a group for the games and followed by the evaluation and meeting. This gathering always enriches us and enlightens us with new ideas on how to manage our time well.

DB Football Academy coaching

Forming a Football Academy in Varadarajanpet and training our boys in this line is the dream of Salesians. All those who worked have paved way for it, and now Mr. Edwin Louis our Scout master and Broadway oratory member helps us to actualize this dream. He is the first sponsor for all our oratory activities. He periodically coaches and trains youth in Football and trains some to become national/international referees.

Animation and seminar for the DBYC Youth

Regular animations and seminars are conducted for the DBYC Youth to cope up in their life. They take part in the seminars conducted in the province zonal level and Diocese level. Every meeting gives enriching experiences and how to set high goals in life. Our Oratory youth participated in the youth meeting conducted in keeranur and Amsam, and made their presence a memorable one.

Football tournament

Fr. Schlooz Football Everolling Trophy is organized every year for 2 days in the month of December. This football tournament is conducted by our DBYC youth members. They Form small committees and distribute the work among themselves. Each member holds an important job in this tournament. They Invite Teams from Salesian presences and in an around Varadarajanpet. Every year The Salesian Community Sponsors the First prize and the Trophies and for other prizes and expenses they get sponsors from neighbors. Mr. Edwin Louis and his team of referees always help the tournament to go on smoothly without any problem by their just judgment.


We celebrate various feasts and celebrations like Don Bosco, Marian Feasts, Christmas, New Year, Pongal, etc for the members of DBYC.

Annual General Body meetings

The Annual General Body meeting is held twice in a year to plan and to evaluate the activities of the youth work. This is a core team which plans and executes various activities in the province. We are happy that one of our Oratory member Mr. Sagayaraj, is elected as the province youth president.

Provincial Visitation.

As we know the visit of the Major superiors brings blessings of God to us. We as the Oratory Youth members come together and discuss with the Provincial during his Canonical visit.

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