The Salesian Co-operators is the movement of youth ministers started by don Bosco to work with him and salesians for young people. Due to industrial revolution and economic crisis, there was great increase in Child labour and many children came to the cities to find work. These children worked six days a week and had Sundays off. Don Bosco gathered these street kids on Sunday for a day of play. He brought them to Church for Mass and catechism. To help him and to assist his boys who came to him, many came forward and he called them as co-operators. They were committed people of good will to care for the children. His own mother, Margarita, was one among these co-operators.


Salesian co-operators cooperate with the salesians in the mission with the spirit of Don Bosco for the betterment of the locality. Varadhai Salesian mission has a unit of co-operators and there are about 30 promised members and 2 aspirants. Rector of the community is usually the animator of co-operators. He animates them every month and invites them to participate in all the activities of the house. Mr. John Henry Samuvel Raj is the coordinator of co-operators. Mrs. Lenna Isabella is the secretary and Mr. Chinnappan is the treasure of the unit.


  1. Salesian co-operators from varadhai aim to make youngsters good Christians and honest citizens and thus live the words of Don Bosco.
  2. They help out to celebrate the feasts of Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco.
  3. They participate in bringing Eco awareness to children and plantation of trees.
  4. They share the mission of salesians by identifying the deserving poor people and reach them through distribution of Fr. Schlooz fund. They prepare the children for confession and animate First Friday Mass.
  5. They are always ready to help and participate in the growth of the institution.
  6. During christmas they help the poor children by giving new dress. They collect money through fancy fete and gave Rs.50000/- to Province salesian co-operators fund.
  7. All the salesian co-operators went to holy pilgrimage to Velanganni

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