Frans Schlooz School of Excellence – CBSE Curriculum

A Don Bosco Institution



A new CBSE school in Varadhai is a dream of many salesians and wish of many people in and around varadhai and more especially, the wish of past pupils, co-operators and well wishers of Don Bosco. A feeder Nursery primary school was initiated in 2012-13 and was closed down for various reasons. The Salesian community, after 55 years of its existence, in response to the requests & signs of the times by running the Frans Schlooz school of excellence, a New CBSE school. Hence, in 2018, with the approval from the Rector Major and his council and provincial and his council, once again the dream started seeing its reality. 2018-19 community with the leadership of Fr. Francis did the initial spade work for the Genesis of Frans Schlooz School of Excellence. The Bosco hostel hall was painted with attractive pictures to make it student friendly. The hall was then divided into three class rooms. Foundation stone was laid to build a separate school building on 24th July 2019.



Frans Schlooz school of Excellence is an institution that empowers the rural children holistically. Its aim is to make the children physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially & morally grow and shine to become good humans imbibing the spirit of Don Bosco and excelling in life.


Frans Schlooz school of Excellence instils Loving Relationship among its students by bringing out the best in them, the capability to love God, self, neighbour and nature in building a peaceful world. It aims to provide Integrity by instilling in the students, a sense of truth and honesty. The atmosphere of trust is being created to flourish in genuine relationships. It inspires the pupils to strive towards excellence in a joyful manner with the spirit of cooperation and interdependence.


We, the salesians are in the field of education for several years. With the rich experience in moulding and forming the young generation. We have established a new school adopting the CBSE syllabus. The school will provide quality education of international standards with modern technology and state -of-the art facilities. The aim of the school is to lay emphasis on experiential learning and grooming of young children thereby making them responsible citizens and leaders with a difference. The school is accommodated on a large space of land. It has a serene ambience filled with flora and fauna. Moreover, It has a beautiful playground, play area for children, parking facilities and area for futuristic expansion. All classrooms are well ventilated, spacious with good air circulation. The classrooms have wall mounted boards for smart class and interactive sessions. Display boards are placed in all class rooms for student teacher exhibits and demonstrations. Storage units are well placed to pile books and materials. These units provide relaxation to students so as to store their extra materials and notebooks and carry them whenever necessary or when required. In addition, it has long and spacious corridors for free access and movement. An audio visual hall which concentrates at triggering and tuning of the photographic memory allowing students to promptly record the stuff learned. Separate toilet facilities for both gender is available.


  • To provide better and standard education in CBSE curriculum.
  • To give faith education to the catholic students.
  • To impart values through Don Bosco method of Education.
  • To Educate Students to be bearers of Social values.
  • To educate students to become better citizens.
  • To educate the parents to Family and social values.
  • To create eco friendly society for the better world to live in through awareness creation & action. (Planting trees, conducting rally.)
  • To teach the students to appreciate life and be grateful.
  • To teach students to contribute in nation building.
  • To prepare students to be leaders in Government sectors.
  • To develop the character and the personality of each pupil by imparting quality Education.
  • The harmonious development of mind and body is effected by recognising and reforming the intelligence, involving a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.


On 6th of June 2019, the Frans Schlooz School of Excellence was inaugurated. Fr. Provincial in the presence of Vice Provincial and Fr. Maran, Fr. Francis Xavier, the correspondent, Fr. Selvakumar Arockiasamy, the principle, the Salesians, Students & teachers of both the DBHSS & CBSE School inaugurated the School. Fr. Antony Joseph, our former Provincial Blessed the newly prepared class rooms and then Vice Provincial and Now Provincial Fr. Agilan Sarprasadam cut open the ribbon. The children were welcomed by Fr. Provincial by giving them a rose each to mark that the growth is natural, Fr. Vice Provincial by giving them a balloon each to mark the importance of physical activity and games in learning, Fr. Maran by giving them a pencil each, the instrument used for learning and Fr. Rector by giving them Kadalai Mittai each to mark that the school is interested in the good health of students and students need to enjoy good health to learn.


Another Great event that the whole family of Don Bosco Varadhai witnessed is the blessing and laying of foundation for the new building for the Frans Schlooz School of Excellence. Former Provincial blessed the land and laid foundation on 24th of August 2019. In the presence of the school students, people, parents, past pupils, Salesian co-operators, Diocesan priests, parish priests of Varadhai and Thennur, religious of the locality, leaders of the villages the foundation stone was laid..


The first School Annual Day of Frans Schlooz School of Excellence was held on 29th February 2019. Mr. Albert, Principal of Radiant School, Thanjavur was the chief guest for the celebration, Fr. Francis, the correspondent, Fr. Selvakumar Arockiasamy, the principal, Salesians of Varadhai community, Parish Priests, religious sisters, parents, friends and well-wishers of the locality were the special guests. Our kids performed western dances, bharthanatiyam, skits, recitation of rhymes and karate in an exciting manner and made the day colourful and unforgettable.


Frans Schlooz School of Excellence just has seen its genesis in 2019-20. It is a humble and good start. After its beginning, it has started to reach out to many through its uniqueness, quality, creativity, student friendly atmosphere, care, and activity based method of teaching and student’s excellence in behaving, learning and output. Surely it is going make a great impact as our DBHSS had from its beginning and continues till now.

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