Nativity of our Lord Jesus is a joyful event which brings joy and happiness to many. On 19th December 2019 we had the Suppose Christmas Celebration with our school students. The celebration was very meaningful and lively. Each class chose one or two poor students from their class and shared Christmas with them by giving them a gift. Sharing of gift with the one who deserves brought joy on both the sharer and the receiver. This is the real Christmas celebration. And again on 20th December, we had Christmas celebration in both (Bosco, Savio) hostels. The Salesian community shared the gifts with the students of hostels. On 22nd December, yet another Christmas celebration and sharing of gifts was done with the Spain scholarship children, domestic staff, old age people, night school children and the oratory youth. Christmas celebrations evoked in us a sense of joy, happiness, love and sharing.

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